Earlier this year the IFP sent the IFP 2020 Official Rulebook to all member countries. This rulebook is also available on the IFP web site under 'Rules', please download to print your own copy. The rulebook is managed in a responsible manner with the cooperation of the USAPA and the IFP working in harmony. The IFP rules committee has several players from our member countries to include two chair-persons.

Mike Johnson, President of the Pilippines and Jeff Van Der Hulst, an IFP World Ambassador from England are co-chairs.

If you are interested in joining the rules committee, please contact:

Mike Johnson at mike.johnson@pickleball.ph

Jeff Van Der Hulst at jeff@pickleballjeff.co.uk

The opportunity to help maintain the integrity of these Official Rules is an important benefit the IFP offers all its member countries. Within the Official Rulebook are the equipment standards the help maintain the integrity of the paddle and ball specifications. Without equipment standards for paddles and balls there would be different sizes, styles, designs and materials which would cause complete disorder and confusion. The IFP understands the importance of having one rulebook for all players and equipment standards for manufacturers. It also know that mission statements and goals intended to change the rules and equipment standards would be very disruptive to the Sport of Pickleball throughout the world. An independent testing laboratory is used for testing all equipment ensuring a fair and independent testing process.

One would only have to look at the Sport of Racquetball to understand how another group/organization changed the equipment standards and caused great harm to the sport of racquetball. Let's not let that happen to pickleball.

The original USAPA organization published the first pickleball rulebook in March, 1984. When the USAPA re-established and re-incorporated in 2005, the book was reviewed and amended to resemble the rules used today. Shortly after its formation in 2010, the Internation Federation of Pickleball (IFP) adopted the USAPA rulebook, with permission from USAPA. This has taken a lot of time, money and effort to write the Official Rulebook and to establish the equipment standards. We would hope that everyone can appreciate the time, money and effort that has been put forth so our Sport of Pickleball can be enjoyed and played in a professional manner.

The IFP would like to take this opportunity to thank all of it's 24 member countries for supporting the 2020 Official Rulebook.